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Jobrizq.com is Pakistan's number one online job site which connects talent with opportunity. It provides services to the job seekers and employers by providing them one platform for job searching and hiring, respectively. JobRizq.com has a huge database of thousands of search able CVs. We provide services to more than 50,000 employers.

We are a technological company with technical services focused on an unwavering desire to serve. We are focused on serving our clients in finding the most ideal ability to improve their business comes about moderately; and we are focused on making the best client involvement in the business for occupation searchers by making an expert resume to grandstand their aptitudes and encounter, and interfacing them to potential managers to locate the most ideal profession openings. With a specific end goal to achieve this, we utilize propelled innovations and computational calculations to make a client experience that is natural, consistent and unparalleled in usefulness.

We concentrated on giving the Job Seeker the capacity to present themselves as particular people with one of a kind encounters and foundations. This gets proficient when they depict the different activities they have dealt with, when they share their side interests, synopsis and social profiles - all discretionary obviously! The outcome is a more significant association between occupation searcher and potential business. Finding the correct match for a part ought to be more required than checking the container on abilities. Give us a chance to help with jobRizq Match!

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JobRizq.com is venture backed. Our investors include founders and/or senior executives from the following companies:

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